Clade Tree of Enterobacteriaceae

Taxonomy: Enterobacteriaceae

Full Lineage

Domain Bacteria
Phylum Proteobacteria
Class Gammaproteobacteria
Order Enterobacteriales
Family Enterobacteriaceae

Number of Genomes in Enterobacteriaceae: 285

Gene Families

We report here all genes that are
(i) consistently present in the genomes of the clade (core),
(ii) consistently present in the genomes of the clade and without similarity with any other genes in other genomes (core unique), and
(iii) present at least once in a genome of the clade (pan).
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27 direct child clade(s)

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Baumannia 1
Blochmannia 3
Buchnera 12
Citrobacter 3
Cronobacter 2
Dickeya 4
Edwardsiella 4
Enterobacter 6
Erwinia 7
Escherichia 111
Hamiltonella 1
Klebsiella 8
Moranella 0
Pantoea 3
Pectobacterium 5
Photorhabdus 2
Proteus 3
Providencia 4
Regiella 1
Riesia 1
Salmonella 46
Serratia 4
Shigella 10
Sodalis 1
Wigglesworthia 1
Xenorhabdus 2
Yersinia 40