Clade Tree of Neisseria

Taxonomy: Neisseria

Full Lineage

Domain Bacteria
Phylum Proteobacteria
Class Betaproteobacteria
Order Neisseriales
Family Neisseriaceae
Genus Neisseria

Number of Genomes in Neisseria: 45

Gene Families

We report here all genes that are
(i) consistently present in the genomes of the clade (core),
(ii) consistently present in the genomes of the clade and without similarity with any other genes in other genomes (core unique), and
(iii) present at least once in a genome of the clade (pan).
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12 direct child clade(s)

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Neisseria bacilliformis 1
Neisseria cinerea 1
Neisseria elongata 1
Neisseria flavescens 2
Neisseria gonorrhoeae 17
Neisseria lactamica 2
Neisseria macacae 1
Neisseria meningitidis 15
Neisseria mucosa 2
Neisseria polysaccharea 1
Neisseria sicca 1
Neisseria subflava 1