Taxonomy: Veillonella

Full Lineage

Domain Bacteria
Phylum Firmicutes
Class Negativicutes
Order Selenomonadales
Family Veillonellaceae
Genus Veillonella

Number of Genomes in Veillonella: 8

List of unique gene families:

Core Unique Family Counts: 94
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Family ID (IMG ID)Family TypeGene TypeDescription
647365338 M Protein tRNA modification GTPase TrmE
647365568 M Protein putative high-affinity branched-chain amino acid ABC transporter, permease protein LivH
647365569 M Protein amino acid or sugar ABC transport system, permease protein
647365749 M Protein metallo-beta-lactamase domain protein
647365802 M Protein universal stress family protein
647365845 M Protein putative 2-oxoglutarate/malate translocator
647365889 M Protein transporter, major facilitator family protein
647365912 M Protein acetyltransferase, GNAT family
647365951 M Protein conserved hypothetical protein
647366158 M Protein hypothetical protein
647367139 M Protein conserved hypothetical protein
648785353 M Protein conserved hypothetical protein
648785410 M Protein ribosome-binding factor A
644360027 M Protein Uncharacterized conserved protein
644360037 M Protein Uncharacterized conserved protein
644360216 M Protein preprotein translocase, SecE subunit, bacterial
644360400 M Protein Uncharacterized protein conserved in bacteria
644360980 M Protein Molecular chaperone GrpE (heat shock protein)
644361088 M Protein SSU ribosomal protein S20P
644361159 M Protein Predicted metal-binding, possibly nucleic acid-binding protein
644361352 M Protein 2-polyprenylphenol hydroxylase and related flavodoxin oxidoreductases
644361364 M Protein Protein of unknown function (DUF2869).
644361448 M Protein prevent-host-death family protein
644361534 M Protein hypothetical protein
644361754 M Protein F420-0:Gamma-glutamyl ligase.
647367089 M Protein queuosine biosynthesis protein QueD
650265918 M Protein hypothetical protein
650266107 M Protein citrate transporter
650266183 M Protein carbonate dehydratase
650266265 M Protein ThiF family protein
650266298 M Protein citrate lyase acyl carrier protein
650266565 M Protein 4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-enyl diphosphate reductase
650266613 M Protein tRNA (5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridylate)-methyltransferase
650266800 M Protein hypothetical protein
650266844 M Protein precorrin-8X methylmutase
650267301 M Protein hypothetical protein
650267508 M Protein 4Fe-4S binding domain protein
650267513 M Protein cysteine-rich domain protein
650267597 M Protein SNARE-like domain protein
650267785 M Protein conserved hypothetical protein
650267798 M Protein helix-turn-helix protein, YlxM/p13 family
644360760 M Protein Uncharacterized protein, 4-oxalocrotonate tautomerase homolog
644361672 M Protein putative oligopeptide transporter, OPT family
647985923 M Protein hypothetical protein
647986447 M Protein Ni/Fe-hydrogenase, B-type cytochrome subunit
647986669 M Protein conserved hypothetical protein
647986815 M Protein metal dependent hydrolase
647986821 M Protein fumarate reductase, iron-sulfur subunit
647986909 M Protein chorismate mutase/prephenate dehydratase
647987087 M Protein MttA/ family protein