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Family IMG ID643096927
Gene TypeProtein
Family TypeCSCORE
Gene Count3
Sequences Fasta file
Gene Table Tab-Delimited file

Associated Clade GenomesScore
Bacteroides clarus
1 / 1 1.0
Bacteroides eggerthii
2 / 2 1.0
Gene Description (up to the top 5)Counts
putative epimerase/dehydratase WbiI1
polysaccharide biosynthesis protein1
Predicted nucleoside-diphosphate sugar epimerases1

COG COG1086 Predicted nucleoside-diphosphate sugar epimerases3
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This genome tree highlights the genomes of the query gene family (red dots), as well as the genomes, if any, that have homologs that are not included in the family (cyan dots).

A marker gene family has no homologs outside itself, therefore, no cyan dots would be observed.

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Sister Gene Families

CSCORE 649892536: Bacteroides helcogenes (Species)
CSCORE 644165170: Bacteroides cellulosilyticus (Species)
CSCORE 642811557: Bacteroides intestinalis (Species)
CSCORE 647886241: Bacteroides fragilis (Species)
CSCORE 651544977: Bacteroides fluxus (Species)
CSCORE 644149123: Prevotella copri (Species)
CSCORE 643157614: Parabacteroides johnsonii (Species)
CSCORE 645279055: Bacteroides sp. 2_1_7 (SubSpecies)
CSCORE 651545030: Bacteroides fluxus (Species)
CSCORE 647194038: Vibrio orientalis (Species)
CSCORE 650223876: Mucilaginibacter (Genus)
CSCORE 648778139: Prevotella disiens (Species)
CSCORE 648643974: Prevotella bryantii (Species)
CSCORE 646084183: Prevotella bergensis (Species)
CSCORE 641043952: Parabacteroides johnsonii (Species)
CSCORE 643099594: Bacteroides (Genus)
CSCORE 651545126: Bacteroides fluxus (Species)
CSCORE 643039646: Bacteroides plebeius (Species)
CSCORE 642682890: Chlorobium phaeobacteroides BS1 (SubSpecies)
CSCORE 646690563: Sideroxydans (Genus)
CSCORE 638894829: Vibrio splendidus 12B01 (SubSpecies)
CSCORE 646265259: Helicobacter winghamensis (Species)
CSCORE 641459303: Kordia (Genus)
CSCORE 637145207: Pseudomonas putida KT2440 (SubSpecies)
CSCORE 637860939: Syntrophaceae (Family)
CSCORE 648681333: Lactobacillus salivarius (Species)
CSCORE 648072684: Chromatiaceae (Family)
CSCORE 637961811: Rhodopseudomonas palustris BisB5 (SubSpecies)
CSCORE 648130462: Halobacteroidaceae (Family)
CSCORE 646054415: Staphylococcus aureus (Species)